Uproar in Lugulu girls’ after student is raped by unknown assailant

Lugulu girls'

Students of Lugulu girls’ national school in Bungoma county today held demos protesting the rape of one of them.

This was after one of the students identified as Sherry was raped on Saturday morning at the school’s bathroom at Muliro house as she was taking a birth before the morning preps.

Learning was paralised at the school as irate students began the protests on Monday night.

The 306 candidates who walked for six kilometers from Lugulu to Webuye police station demanded the immediate arrest of the perpetrator whom they claimed was being protected by the schools principal Dinaa Cheruiyot.

“On several occasions, an unknown male sneaked into our hostels and switched off the lights and whenever we raise the matter with the school management, they ignore us,” said one of the students.

The students who carried placards and sung protests songs demanded justice for one of them whom they said her future had been ruined by the perpetrator.

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Sherry had woken up earlier as usual to go take a shower and go for preps when an identified man who was naked appear before her in the shower before performing the heinous act on her.

The man is said to have put his hands on her mouth chocked her and proceeded to rape her several times.

She was only rescued by a fellow student at the bathroom who appeared before the man took to his heels and disappeared in the dark.

The other Lugulu girls’ students who woke up following the screams could not establish who the man was.

Sherry was immediately taken to the school’s sick bay where nurses administered first aid to her.

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