Sexual education a necessity as schools set to reopen


Finally, the question of when schools shall reopen has been put to rest, and ushered in a new question of how will the situation look like.

Parents have no otherwise but to tackle school fees issues head-on.

To most of them, it’s a sigh of relief seeing their children back to class, as they had failed in taking care of teenagers , evidenced by the upswing of pregnancy cases over a few months.

How many parents are bold enough to have sexual discussions with their sons and daughters?

Yesterday I had a candid discussion on my radio program in regard to the topic.

I realised that the community has demonised sexuality because the tradition has brought us up that way.

“Why should we talk about it [sexuality] yet they already know? Isn’t it bad manners?” One of my listeners honestly posed.

Meanwhile, a few months ago I attended a girl child talk seminar organised by an NGO; FYPM by Madam Sara Chelimo in Mt. Elgon. I was stunned by the way girls were aggressive on matters sexuality. Fostered by the safe environment created by the organizers, the girls wanted to know a lot.

I concluded that parents have failed somewhere in the current crisis.

However, the current generation is aggressive and it’s inclined to the sudden technological advances. If we don’t have time for the teenagers, then we should have no blame on teachers concerning the rising drug abuse and early pregnancies during this Covid-19 period.

It’s high time the society changed its approach towards sexual education. Parents should create a rapport with teens in order to free them from worries as they grow up.

Finally, as the schools reopen the government should reconsider focusing on sexual education from a different angle apart from the human body approach.

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