A man prepares his death ceremony


Imagine nearing  your sunset age and knowing that your health is of course declining so then decide to plan your death early.

Nelelta Naurori of Narok county has held celebration in preparation for his death regarding the Maasai customs and traditions

The old man says he has breathed his life to the fullest and is now ready for his departure, early Saturday morning with the sun rise at his spacious 270-acre farm, acting as a reminder to his bigamous family and the decades of happiness and togetherness they have all shared together.

With his 10 wives, 81 children and just about a thousand grandchildren, the reality of a looming separation has hit and they cannot disagree to it.

In line with Maasai traditions a ceremony was held and an untarnished bull was slaughtered, meat from its right side was first shared among Mzee Naurori and his 10 wives.

According to Maasai traditions Mzee Naurori’s rare move is called Olosir Enkop, which means the short rains period and also known as the lambing period in Maasai land that comes immediately after Pushuka which is the flowering of Savanna trees in November.

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