Over 200 people arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations

Covid-19 regulationsKenyan police hold back ferry passengers after new measures aimed at halting the spread of the new coronavirus instead caused a crowd to form outside the ferry in Mombasa, Kenya Friday, March 27, 2020. The new measures required public transport vehicles to drop passengers 1km away and walk to the ferry terminal and then queue, but passengers fearing they would get stuck before a 7pm curfew started crowding to get on causing police to fire tear gas and round up the passengers. (AP Photo)

Three bars in Kwale have been closed indefinitely and over 200 people arrested for breaking Covid-19 rules.

Karuku Ngumo who is the County commissioner of Kwale said six public service vehicles were confiscated in a Thursday morning check.

“About 168 persons were wearing face masks below the chin and 55 were found the previous night violating the curfew hours,” he said.

He added that the bars had failed to observe the operating hours and social distancing rules while PSVs carried excess passengers with no hand sanitizers.

The public health and county operating licenses of the bars were revoked.

On Thursday the virus caseload knockout was 66,723 with 919 positive cases and 23 deaths bringing the total number of deaths 1, 203.

Ngumo said they will keep cracking down on those who risk other people’s lives and tough enforcement applied.

“We won’t relent on this fight and more officers will be deployed to the grassroots to impose the directives as ordered by the resident and the Ministry of Health,” he said.

He added that irresponsible locals won’t be tolerated, saying severe action will be taken against anyone found going against the orders.

Ngumo has warned PSVs of breaking the Covid-19 rules saying they will be grounded and their licenses terminated.

At the same time, he urged Msambweni candidates campaigning ahead of the15th December by-election to sternly stick to town hall summits.

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