Top 3 misinformation about Covid-19 infection

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The Covid-19 pandemic has fueled counterfeit news and paranoid notions to such an extent that driving tech organizations, such as Google and Facebook, to make a solid effort to forestall this.

Presently an international study by analysts from the University of Cambridge in England, has distinguished some conspicuous conspiracy notions that have picked up footing among five distinct nations’ populations including Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United State and Ireland.

Their discoveries uncover the top three conspiracy theories as follows:

  1. The Covid-19 infection was manufactured in a Wuhan lab – this was esteemed the most legitimate no matter how you look at it.
  2. The pandemic is “part of a plan to enforce global vaccination.
  3. There is a 5G theory that wireless communications make worse the Covid-19 symptoms.

The study was published in the Royal Society Open Science journal.

The study group assembled information from national samples in every one of the five nations and solicited members to rate the reliability of various statements from different statements, including six misconceptions about Covid-19.

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