Kenyan imprisoned in the US for murdering police officer

Kenyan born man will serve somewhere in the range of five and seven years in jail for causing the demise of a Massachusetts cop on March 16, 2016.

David Njuguna, 33, was Thursday sentenced after he was found liable of involuntary murder, misdemeanour motor vehicle homicide, working to jeopardize and driving a uninsured vehicle.

He will serve five to seven years for involuntary murder, two and ahalf years for for motor vehicle manslaughter by carelss operation, one year for liable of driving a uninsured vehicle and two years for driving to jeopardize.

The sentences will be served simultaneously.

His vehicle hammered into the back of the polic officer’s cruiser which was left during a traffic stop.

As indicated by prosecutors, he was speeding and high on weed at the hour of the accident.

The 44-year-old dad of seven kids passed on from the impact of the accident. Njuguna with all due respect said he had a seizure before the impact.

The Boston Herald indicated he was sentenced ‘after an emotional series of impact statements from Clardy’s wife, children, sister and mother that moved several family members to tears’.

“Because of a selfish and senseless act, his life was cut short,” the paper quoted Clardy’s wife Reisa, adding, “Our stability, our normalcy, our peace of mind, our strength is no longer here.”

According to CBS Boston, prosecutors had sought that Njuguna be jailed for between 10 and 12 years saying it would reflect the high degree of his recklessness.

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