Village in shock as two women exchange husbands over domestic squabbles in Busia

Christopher Abwire with his new Wife Lillian Weta addressing the press. Weta moved in with Abwire after her husband married Abwire's wife.

Two women from Busia County have shocked the country after a choice to exchange husbands.

Lilian Weta, 28, and Millicent Auma said they were pushed by unending family wrangles.

As indicated by Lilian, her husband constrained her to look for comfort somewhere else after he came with another woman to their home in Butula about a month ago.

“He first lied to me that his cousin from Bungoma was coming to visit and so I should prepare some food and a place for her to sleep. Moments later, a lady walked in and told me that I was in her space and that my matrimonial home now belonged to her,” said Lilian.

Lilian chose to go for the other woman’s spouse in Matayos voting demographic and it didn’t take some time before the two began a relationship.

“She came here crying to me, narrating how my wife had caused her distress and taken over her home,” said Abwire.

Abwire said his husband had left their home during the evening a month ago and has not returned since.

“I just told her since she has been kicked out and my wife has also been taken away from me, go home, get your things and the children and come stay here with me,” he said.

It’s currently two weeks since Lilian Weta wedded Christopher Abwire and the two state they harbor no second thoughts.

Then again, Kevin Barasa is currently married to Millicent Auma.

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