Carpenter from Bungoma to become advocate after 20 years

A 42-year-old woodworker is among legal advisors who will tomorrow be given the green light to speak to prosecutors in courts across the nation.

Kongani Udoto Kongani first featured in news headlines on September 4, 2016, when he showed up before Judicial Service Commission (JSC) looking to succeed previous Chief Justice Willy Mutunga notwithstanding realizing he didn’t have an advocates’s license.

After three years, and precisely two days to the date he showed up before JSC, he will be admitted to the bar by Chief Justice David Maraga, who beat him in the interview for the top employment in the Judiciary.

It has taken Mr Udoto, a dad of three, 20 years to accomplish his fantasy to be a supporter.

At the point when life got extreme, he rushed to a Bible school to train as a pastor, however he found that was not his calling. He at that point withdrew to carpentry in a move to raise school fees.

He originates from Naburereya village, which means slippery among the Bukusu Community in Bungoma County.

“I have been in and out of school for 20 years since I joined law school. I joined Moi University in September 1999. I though after 10 years, I would at least have a doctorate or something close to that. However, things changed along the way,” he tells The Standard.

His father, Wawire Kongani, died in 2004 when he was in his third year of a law degree programme and had a huge fee balance of about Sh250,000.

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