Starehe MP Charles Njagua distances himself from Jaguar mobile Loan App

Starehe MP Charles Kanyi Njagua prevalently known as Jaguar has distanced himself from a cell phone credit application named after him.

The MP denied any connections to the Jaguar Loan App that bears his name, yet additionally utilizes an image of him for the thumbnail. Up to this point, the application has been downloaded multiple times.

Reacting to a social media user asking on whether the application is his, Jaguar said that the individual behind the application is a con.

“Haiya uko na loan app mkubwa?” he inquired.

“Huyu ni conman,” responded Jaguar.

Jaguar also warned the public to be careful to avoid getting conned.

“Kenyans don’t get duped…..It would be so sad to lose your money to unscrupulous people,” he wrote.

According to reviews of the app on Google Playstore, a section of Kenyans have been duped into believing that the MP is behind the app.

“One the best app to give youths of this country a go ahead to start or improve on their small scale businesses….Hon Jaguar you’re just doing an amazing job. Thank you,” reads one review.

“This is a very good opportunity for the people of Kenya especially the youth to boost up their business and etc… Hon.Jaguar we salute you for this,” reads another.

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