Another artist quits Bahati’s EMB records

EMB recordsCongolese artist Rebecca Soki Kalwenze has quit Bahati's EMB label.

Bahati’s EMB records is by all accounts facing various issues considering the number of musicians who have qited it.

Word presently has it that artist Rebecca Soki had exited the EMB label after some misunderstanding. Speaking with YMashariki moderator Ken Relbis; Rebecca’s supervisor, Papa Obong opened up saying:

Rebecca Soki left EMB as there was a misconception among her and the name. She is presently taking a shot at her own tasks and hasn’t been to EMB records throughout the previous four months. Rebecca felt played when she discovered that her tune ‘Baraka Zangu’ was inspected from abroad and that truly killed her since she is very God-dreading and felt that utilizing another person’s beat is taking. It was an immense turn off for her and moreover, there was a fight in the name as another person asserted that the tune was initially theirs.

In the first place, Weezdom left without saying anything just to discover that he was supposedly forced out by Bahati’s wife; at that point came Mr Seed who additionally had beef with Bahati for attempting to get his better half arrested.

In under seven days, David wonder likewise left saying that he had chosen to take a shot at his activities alone.

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