3 simple ways to save mobile data

Mobile data providersMobile service providers. Photo/aptantech.com

In this digital world, almost everything has moved to the internet. Most of the goods, services are delivered after being channeled through digital platform. Therefore the issue of data usage by different mobile applications has become a major concern. The following are 3 simple ways to reduce phone data usage;

  1. By general restriction of background data usage.

Most mobile applications use your data in the background hence depleting you data very fast. By restricting, you will save a lots of data bundles. Navigate to the settings section on your phone to activate background data restriction.

  1. Deactivate auto-mobile application update on play store

Mobile applications are by default set to auto update regularly when data is on. Deactivating the settings on the play store app will do you a great favor.

  1. Individual mobile background data restriction

When mobile applications are installed on the phone, they are all by default set to use background data. Restricting individual apps and allowing only the needed one to use background data will save your Mbs from being depleted faster.

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