Stray dogs maul 3 children, kill over 30 livestock


Wild dogs invaded Sikarira area in Butula constituency, Busia County and mauled three children as indicated by residents.

The dogs are said be hiding in Khareka forest and close-by sugarcane ranches.

Residents say they attack on broad daylight. They additionally target sheep, goats and chickens.

The area ccupants yesterday engaged the Kenya Wildlife Service to tame the canines.

Parents expressed their fear over their school-going kids.

Patrick Opiyo said his two-year-old child was attacked a week ago and was harmed on the arm.

He said he took the kid to Khunyangu sub-county hospital for treatment yet due to financial problems, he had not possessed the capacity to take him back for treatment against rabies.

Fredrick Otieno, a village senior, said two other youngsters had been attacked in excess of 30 sheep and goats murdered.

Otieno cautioned occupants against eating the animals murdered by the wild creatures.

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