Otile Brown and Vera Sidika back at it again

Otile and Sidika

Rumour has been flying that Vera Sidika’s new palour was dead and that she has even sacked all her workers.

Otile had first hinted that the new business was struggling, badly, and that Sidika shouldn’t be living so flamboyant but focusing on it.

Now that Sidika is back, she has addressed the rumors that her business is dead saying that she was told one of her ex was spreading the rumors. We believe she was talking about Otile Brown.

“I was told that some ex was spreading these rumors. They wish. NEVER closed at all. Only on Christmas Day. People like it when they see you fall. So even when you ain’t falling they’ll force others to believe you have,” said Vera in response to a comment by a fan.

It seems Otile got wind of this and fired a long post saying that some people ( probably Vera) are praying for his downfall and talking ill about him

in different chat groups.

He said that he has never prayed for anyone’s downfall and he’ll never do so in the future.

“Tofauti yangu na wewe ni kua unaniombea mabaya na kunisema vibaya kila kutwa kwenye group yenu ya WhatsApp wakati mimi mtulivu sana .. unapowashawishi watu kua mimi nimbaya kitabia ata kimaisha wakati sivyo ,watu wanakuchamba wewe kua vipi uka wai kua kwenye mapenzi na mtu kama mimi,” he said.

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