Fire kills 3 children in Bungoma


Three children died in a fire that broke out in their house on Wednesday night in Banantega village, Bungoma County.

The kids matured between two and five years had been locked in the house while the whereabouts of their parents was obscure.

Neighbors tried to save the kids but failed as the entryway had been locked from outside with a padlock.

The fire is presumed to have been caused by a paraffin lamp that was found in the house after the fire was put out.

It isn’t evident regardless of whether the episode was an accident, as the youngsters’ parents are said to have fought each other before the disaster.

The grandfather of the perished, Victor Chebwonyo Chebwek, said the kids’ mother was found sleeping in a lodging on Thursday morning yet she said she didn’t know about what had happened to the kids.

“We found the woman sleeping at a lodging in Kipsigon in Room number 2 and when she came out of the room, we walked with her to the police station,” said the grandfather.

“I asked her why she left the children alone to sleep in a lodging yet she knows her husband, who is my son, is a drunkard. She could not explain.”

The parents to the deceased have since been taken into police custody.

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