Nyota Ndogo dismisses pregnancy claims published in a section of media

Musician Nyota Ndogo. [Courtesy]

Nyota Ndogo, Popular Coast-based musician has dismissed reports published in a section of media, claiming she is pregnant.

Nyota Ndogo said her body weight has increased, and, as a result, sections of the media speculated that she was expecting her third baby – only that those who wrote the news about her alleged pregnancy did not call her to verify the information.

“I am shocked by reports I am reading online claiming that I am pregnant. No, I am not expecting any baby. I have added body weight; and for a very long time, my belly has always been big” said Nyota Ndogo

“Maybe those reporters derived their conclusion from a picture I had posted online. Nonetheless, they should have called me to verify such allegations before publishing unsubstantiated reports” She adds

“ It speaks volumes of how they source their stories. Should we believe everything the media writes? You know better. Anyway, I feel challenged to hit the gym so that I can reduce my body weight,” said Nyota Ndogo.

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