Embakasi Central MP Gathiru arrested during evictions in Kayole

Household items were bundled outside the premises. [Photo/Citize Digital]

Embakasi Central MP Benjamin Gathiru aka Mejja Donk has been arrested by plain clothed and uniformed police officers.

Gathiru was apprehended on Tuesday morning moments after he arrived at Nyama Villa estate in Kayole where demolitions had begun.

The Embakasi Central MP had demanded to be given the eviction notice after residents complained that they were not told in advance.

Others claimed that the landlords were informed but did not tell their tenants.

There was heavy police presence as the excavators sneaked their way through Spine Road.

Nyama Villa estate demolitions. [Photo/Citizen Digital]

Some residents were seen loading their belongings onto hand carts in haste.

A number of sofa sets, suitcases, beds and other household items were also bundled outside the premises.

Reports also emerged that electricity had been disconnected as early as 4am.

It is alleged that a private developer is behind the demolition in a bid to reclaim 20 hectares of his land.

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