4 shot dead while rescuing a suspect arrested by police


Four people were shot dead by police officers in Trans Nzoia County after they reportedly opened fire on residents of Kolongolo village.

Two people were killed on the spot while the other two died while being rushed to hospital.

Several others were injured, including the Trans Nzoia County Assembly Speaker Joshua Werunga during a fracas as the public tried to rescue a suspect captured by police.

Mr. Werunga, was reportedly shot by officers as he rushed to the scene in a move to calm the situation.

The violent scenes broke out on Sunday at around 4.30pm after residents accused the cops of mistreating a suspect who was arrested over assault as well as extrajudicial killings.

Police say an officer was compelled to start shooting when individuals endeavored to grab a gun from him in the wake of liberating the suspect who was being taken to a patrol base station in Endebess.

16 cops were additionally injured and their vehicles crushed during the episode.

According to police, the mob managed to escape bodies of the two individuals shot during the showdown, and it is believed a significant number of them are likewise looking for treatment from wounds sustained in the violent scenes.

Police have also launched a manhunt for the suspect after the public managed to take him away in cuffs, while the two police officers who were sent to arrest him are being held.

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