Family members jump into grave to stop burial of their murdered kin

Mwangi relativesThe deceased's relatives into the grave while the preacher was giving his sermon. [Photo/The Standard]

There was a show at Wanyororo Cemetery in Bahati, Nakuru after a family differed on whether to bury their killed relative or not.

The spouse of the perished and his two cousins jumped into the grave while the preacher was giving his sermon.

They needed the remaining parts of the kin taken back to the funeral home.

The 33-year-old Edward Mwangi, was killed the evening of December 3 and his body found the next day on a shamba next to his suspected murderer’s home.

Residents say Mwangi and his two companions went to the suspects’s home in the wake of discovering that his lover was in the suspects’s house.

“The three went to the suspect’s house at night, one of them armed with a knife. They attacked the suspect who overpowered them and snatched the weapon. Two of them were forced to flee for their safety,” said a resident who sought anonymity.

Mwangi was however left behind and it is alleged, the suspect used the same knife to stab him several times on the chest.

“According to post-mortem results, Mwangi died due to injuries to his heart. They were caused by the knife used to stab him,” said Charles Mucheru, a cousin to the deceased.

Mwangi struggled to make his way home but unfortunately, he died on a farm next to his suspected killer’s house.

Residents found his lifeless body the following morning.

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