Meet the school bus driver who licks his own forehead


While some think about licking their nose with their tongue as a mean accomplishment, this man takes his ability to an unheard level.

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal from Urlabari, Nepal licks his very own forehead with his overly long tongue.

Be that as it may, Katuwal, 35, does whatever it takes not to do it frequently – on the grounds that he scares the children.

Despite the fact that by day Yagya fills in as staff on a local school bus, his astonishing capacity has made him a big name in his nation.

This comes after his companion posted a video of him flaunting his tongue aptitudes via web-based networking media.

Yagya alleges that he is a man with the longest forehead.

Be that as it may, he has been cautioned not to demonstrate his talent at work, as the students get terrified.

Katuwal even says his ‘scary’ trick has made kids wet their pants and grown-ups faint.

Yagya said: “I think I look great like this – I can cover my nose with my lips, lick my forehead and make the sound of bullet bike.

“If I got to act in a horror movie, I wouldn’t need makeup like other actors to scare people.”

But Yagya does not let other people’s opinion faze him, adding: “I think I look great like this.”

Mr Katuwal now hopes that his unusual party trick will see him set a Guinness World Record.

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