Shame as high school teacher defiles mentally challenged woman

sexually assaulted

Police arrested a high School instructor and accused him of defiling a mentally challenged woman.

According to police, Bashir Abdi Dagan defiled the woman on November 6 after locking her in his house within Pangani area in Nairobi.

Police said that the little girl of the mentally challenged woman looked for her mom, in the wake of realising that she was absent from their home and was taking long to come back as had been the custom.

“On the material day at around 9pm one of the daughters of the mentally ill woman managed to mobilise few neighbors to go look for her,” court documents read.

“Minutes later a neighbour who joined them disclosed that she had seen mwalimu Dagane lock her inside his house,” further reads the documents.

Residents helping the girl to look for her mother said to have knocked at the door of the accused who refused to open.

He claimed that he was sleeoing and did not want to be disrupted.

The search team kept on knocking on the door, calling out the name of the woman, who responded.

That is the point at which the educator is said to have opened the door and dashed from the scene. Dagane was later captured and charged in court.

He, nonetheless, denied the charges and was freed on a Sh300, 000 bond.

The case will be heard on February 11, 2019.

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