US government files for extradition of Italian hackers

hackers selling information on dark webHacker selling information on dark web. [Photo/]

The hackers currently under British intelligence custody are accused of being members of 36-strong group.

The group is believed to be behind a dark web forum that caused more than $530M losses to banks and individuals.

Taimoor Zaman and Anthony Nnamdi Okeakpu, believed to be amongst the founders and administrators of the In-fraud Organizations, denied the charges before a United Kingdom court.

The two hackers are accused to have sold stolen credit cards and IDs. They were operating under a common slogan ‘IN FRAUD WE TRUST.’

United States legal representative said that Zaman had posted on the web 250 times advertising CVV payment card verification and other products. He is said to have logged in the web under the name “Scottish”.

Zaman had exiled in United Kingdom after evading authorities in Italy. He was arrested in Blackburn on 9th February in his apartment.

Okeakpu, a student at a London College, is said to be an administrator on the web under the name MoneyMafia. He was arrested on 14th February at Heath row International Airport.

Numerous computer equipment were recovered from his apartment.

Okeakpu’s legal team said before a court that if the two were extradited to United States they would likely have to wait until late-2019 or 2020 to go on trial.

The hearing of this request continues.

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