Mudavadi should join the handshake initiative or forget central support – Njomo

Mudavadi advised to support handshakeHon. Jude Njomo, Mp Kiambu Central. /COURTESY

Leaders from central region have refuted claims that Amani National Congress Party leader Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is trying to traverse Central Kenya politically.

Jude Njomo, MP Kiambu Central has said he hasn’t heard or seen any baraza or meeting between ANC and what they term as key people.

Njomo said that Musalia has a long way to go even though he hasn’t made moves in his (Njomo) constituency.

“It’s noble to be forbearing and we are living in a republic that abides by democracy. Any aspirant is at liberty to seek votes anywhere in the Republic of  Kenya. Mudavadi is welcomed in Central Kenya to seek votes.” Njomo added.

He promised ANC leader a tough time, specifically because of his past position in working with Central Kenya. He is said to go against the presidential candidate the region had fronted, i.e. Jubilees’ Uhuru Kenyatta.

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“Musalia doesn’t appear anywhere near the building bridges initiative. There is no physical appearance of Mudavadi in what is termed as national unity abiding ceremonies. Mudavadi he appears to be taking a dissimilar course and won’t be received affectionately in Central Kenya.” Njomo added on.

Kalonzo Musyoka boarded the Building Bridges initiative’s side and a couple of his loyal opposition and wiper party leaders.

ANC leader will face a tough choice in choosing a winning team. This is amid rumors that he (Musalia) met President Uhuru Kenyatta’s aide in a closed-door meeting. Sources close to Statehouse say that he is holding consultations amid the rumors to join the handshake initiatives

“Mudavadi’s entrance into Mt Kenya is a clear non-starter and everything he is doing is halfhearted. If he continuous likes this he will not only have a hard time in Central but also nationally. He needs to make peace and change with the new generation style of politics.” said Hon Njomo.

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