English FA to decrease number of foreign players in Premier League

FA to reduce numer of foreign playersThe Football Association trademark. /Courtesy

The Cambridge analytica infected BREXIT vote effects have bounced back to haunt England.

In order to handle the Brexit heat and promote local talents, English Football Association (FA) is planning to decrease the number of foreign footballers in Premier League Clubs from 17 to 12.

It’s suggested that the changes be made to individual clubs this week. We are expected to see a huge reshuffle in the number one (1) squads.

In EPL, thirteen clubs have more than foreign players. These suggestions will mean a complete overhaul of league first teams.

The FA on the other hand have refused to comment of the news and the vast effects on the now picking English Premier League.

The Football Association agreed to give a principal endorsement, usually issued for a non-EU/European Economic Region select player to help the progress of football in the country.

They also will issue a work permit for each foreign player who gets a contract with a Premier League club.

If club owners fail to read from the same books with the FA on matters Brexit, they will be slapped with a “no-deal” set-up. This means all (foreign and local) of their players will have to be permitted before they are cleared to play in the league.

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