Taxi driver saved from forced circumcision in Narok


There was drama in Narok town on Monday after bodaboda and taxi operators paraded and stripped a 35-year-old taxi driver in an attempt to forcefully circumcise him.

The man known as Brown walked himself into the hands of what he termed as “ WACHOKOZI” (bullies) when he reported to his workplace as a taxi operator.

As daily conversations sparked, he insulted one of them sarcastically and that is said to be the genesis of his woes.

Brown was allegedly showing a lot of childish behavior which prompted his colleagues that questioned his survival ways.

Being in Narok, a land that believes in maturity by tasting the knife and personal cleanliness, Brown was forcefully checked to see if something was wrong.

Despite the difference in cultural beliefs and customs, the public was all set to make him what they termed as “kukua ndume” what translates to being a grown up and mature man.

The public transport operators said they had received Intel from his close friend.

Brown was accused of insulting people as “vihii” a Gikuyu term for someone who has not undergone the circumcision.

They went ahead and undressed Brown who was apparently uncircumcised.

That triggered the operator’s anger but the public came in as the savior to Brown. The bodaboda operators vowed to use legal ways and make sure Brown undergoes circumcision.

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