More than 2,000 individuals arrested over Michuki rules

OperatorsOver 3,000 offenders were arrested in the ongoing crackdown. [Photo/]

Approximately 2,000 individuals have so far been arrested for repudiating the recently restored Michuki rules, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has revealed.

Adressing journalists on Monday in Nairobi, the IG said the arrested people comprise of both passenger service vehicle (PSV) operators and their passengers and additionally private vehicle users.

“The figures that I’m receiving now is that close to 2,000 offenders have been arrested… these include matatu operators, operators of private vehicles and even users of PSVs (Public Service Vehicles),” said Boinnet.

Boinnet asked travelers to just board vehicles that comply with the traffic regulations failure to which, they will be fined.

Boinnet additionally asked PSV drivers and bike riders to follow the rules emphasising no vehicles will be permitted back on the road on the off chance that they have not complied with the regulations.

“Do not bring your vehicle to the road if it has not complied with the set rules and regulations… if you do, do not say you were not warned. Just try us.”

The IG insisted that the crackdown on rogue matatus would continue.

“We must go back to order and not the kind of disorder we have been witnessing on our highways. That will stop!”

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