189 feared dead after plane crashes into the sea


Indonesian officials confirmed Monday morning that a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane lost contact with local air traffic control and crashed shortly after departure from Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK).

After it was initially reported that 188 passengers and crew were on board, the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee confirmed in a briefing that there was an additional crew member on the flight.

Officials now report that 189 passengers and crew are believed to have been lost in the crash — 178 adult passengers, 1 child, 2 babies and 8 crew.

The plane was due to arrive at Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal Pinang an hour later but about 13 minutes into the flight, authorities lost contact with the plane.

The Head of Information Data and Public Relation Center for the Indonesian National Agency for Disaster Management tweeted out images of the debris that have been found so far. As some images include personal effects from the victims.

The plane was a Boeing brand new type of aircraft.

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